Thursday, July 29, 2010

Part V, 2010 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2010 Staff Award winners each week. In our fifth post, we honor Hannelore Tweed.

Camas High School teacher Hannelore Tweed has left her mark on her students. In fact, two of her students initiated the nomination for this staff award. They write:

Upon entering Mrs. Tweed’s classroom, you will recognize her energy to teach and learn day in and day out. Her class is very comforting in that she has invaluable experience in the education system. She definitely knows what she is doing! Mrs. Tweed is approachable and makes it very easy to come after school and learn any concept that you may be struggling with—she is always there to help you and wants the best for you in her class.

Mrs. Tweed has the purest soul and heart I know. She shares this gift with all her students. She develops a special connection with each of her students, and that is why I will always remember her. Mrs. Tweed will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free and Reduced Meal Information

Families who meet eligibility requirements can now complete the 2010-11 Free and Reduced Meal Application. Click here for the application.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part IV, 2010 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2010 Staff Award winners each week. In our fourth post, we honor Brandy Reed.

Brandy Reed is the in-school suspension supervisor at Liberty Middle School and is an integral part of the Liberty team. While her responsibilities are specifially to supervise students who have been removed from class or assigned to lunch/after-school detention, she does far more. Her work ethic is exemplary; she arrives before her shift begins and works hard. What makes Brandy stand out however, are the things she does that are not part of her job description. She can be counted on to converse with the students positively and offers encouragement to them as she passes them in the hall.

Brandy brings a “can do” attitude to all that she does and has communicated to others the understanding that the success of the students is paramount. She works well with others. She works to ensure the students will have a positive learning experience even when not in their classroom, and she listens to the students so they feel supported—therefore strengthening their ability to learn.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Blast Fun Run

Join the CHS 2010 Cross Country Team for its first annual Fun Run on Saturday, September 4. It will be held at the Camas Meadows Golf Course, and preregistration is $25; registration is $35 the day of the event and includes a t-shirt. Participants may choose a half-mile marathon, a 6.5 mile run/walk, or a tot walk for our future Papermaker athletes.

Registration is available online at the Camas Educational Foundation website. For all event details, view the Last Blast Fun Run flyer.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Part III, 2010 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2010 Staff Award winners each week. In our third post, we honor Traci Kosaki.

At Skyridge Middle School, Traci Kosaki supports her students, colleagues and parents in numerous ways. Her primary assignment is to assist learning disabled, autistic, and behaviorally challenged students within the regular classroom setting. Traci not only helps students stay organized and on task, but also helps emotionally stressed students take time to become calm and successfully reenter the class lesson.

Traci has also been instrumental in many large projects each year including the Holiday Research Project, the Gingerbread House Geometry unit, the social studies Classroom-Based Assessment and the District Writing Assessment to name a few. Throughout these projects, Traci ensures students are utilizing all resources effectively and have access to technology devices referenced in their IEP’s. This year, she also created and laminated writing folders to help students organize their drafting and editing work through the writing process. The special education students used the folders all year and are now scoring 1-2 points higher on the district writing rubric.

Traci maintains a positive, friendly demeanor with everyone she encounters at Skyridge Middle School. She is warm, cheerful, and a joy to be around.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kindergarten Academic Screening

The district is conducting a quick, 30-minute pre-assessment of early literacy and numeracy skills for all incoming Camas kindergarten students. Results will ensure students receive appropriate level of math and reading instruction on the very first day of school.

Screening assessments occur August 17 - 19, 2010, from 9 AM – 3 PM at
Helen Baller Elementary. To schedule an appointment, contact Shanna Anderson or Gail Soohoo by e-mail or call 360-335-3000 (select option #5).

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doc Harris Stadium Construction

The replacement stadium designed by DOWA Architects and constructed by TEAM Construction is about 70% complete and is scheduled to be open for the first home football game of the fall season. The new stadium will seat 3,000 fans on the home side, with covered visitor bleachers for another 1,000 guests. A statue of the late Doc Harris will greet fans as they return to the new stadium.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CSD Summer Schedule

All schools offices are closed for the summer, but will re-open on August 23. Summer hours will be 8 AM-3 PM daily. Please note that all school building offices will be closed from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM for a district-wide, all staff meeting on September 2.

Back-to-school events occur during the last week of August, and the first day of school is September 7. Click here to view summer office hours and back to school information for all buildings in the district.

Part II, 2010 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2010 Staff Award winners each week. In our second post, we honor Maria Klein.

Maria Klein has worked in several capacities throughout the district for many years. Currently she divides her time between the ASB office and the Career and Technical Education office at CHS lending her support and expertise. Maria is always professional, friendly, and positive to students, staff, parents and the community in general. She is highly organized, always dependable, and is willing to do whatever is asked with a smile.

Maria also possesses excellent communication skills—every person who comes in contact with her feels understood and valued. Any task that she is assigned is completed in an exceptional manner. Maria is truly an incredible asset to Camas High School.