Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Camas Student Selected as a Washington Aerospace Scholar

Congratulations to Camas High School junior Stuart Jergensen who has been selected as one of 260 students to participate in the 2009 Washington Aerospace Scholar (WAS) program.

Phase One of WAS is performed via distance learning utilizing a NASA-designed curriculum covering the history of space exploration, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, the Moon, and Mars. From January through May, the Scholars will complete ten lessons – submitting quizzes, math solutions, essays, and graphics concerning these topics every other week. Scholars will independently select a topic of interest for a final project combining an essay with a graphic. Scholars are also competing for a space in a summer residency session.

Phase Two of WAS is a six-day summer residency experience for 160 students. Selection is competitive and centers on performance in Phase One of WAS. In each residency session, 40 Scholars are selected to work cooperatively to plan a human mission to Mars with support from professional engineers/scientists, university students, and certificated educators. Each session also includes briefings from aerospace professionals, tours of engineering facilities, and hands-on engineering challenges involving model rocketry, robotics, landing devices, and payload lofting. The daily schedule is quite full, and the students lodge in double rooms at a local hotel under the supervision of certificated teachers. Travel, lodging, and meal expenses are provided to participating students and teachers thanks to the WAS Foundation and many generous donors.