Friday, April 10, 2009

Community Education Summer Opportunities

Are you wondering how you or your students will fill the long weeks of summer? You may have heard that the Camas School District was not able to include its summer school program in the budget this year, but fear not! In addition to the plethora of classes already to be found in the Community Education catalogue, plans are well underway for a summer, day-camp style set of classes for students entering grades one through eight. Kids will have the opportunity to sign up for one class or a set of classes that can fill a six-hour day. The camp will take place during the last two weeks of July and will be located at Liberty Middle School.

So if you have an elementary or middle school student who needs an exciting and fun camp this summer, or if you have a talent and would like to be become a Community Education instructor, contact Mary Weishaar or Karen Rudolph at 954-3836.

Please note: Camas High School will still offer the summer credit recovery program.