Friday, May 22, 2009

Camas School District Enjoys Consecutive Clean Audits

In early May the State Auditor’s Office released the results of their annual audit. Each year the area of focus can vary. This year, auditing staff focused their work in the areas of accountability, federal programs, and finances.

In an exit interview with administration, the auditors indicated that the district financial practices are extremely well run and in full compliance with state statue and board policy. Additionally, the auditors complemented the district on its strong controls.

Business director Ina Evers-Martin was pleased with the audit results, though not surprised. “Our staff members take their jobs very seriously and work hard to ensure that all accounts are in perfect order,” she commented. “We take great pride in our clean audit history.”

“In these trying economic times, it is very reassuring to know that our $55 million budget is run so competently,” stated Board President Doug Quinn. “These consistent clean audit reports are a reflection of Ina’s professionalism and good management.”