Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parents needed for pilot webinar sessions

Parent U is a new program designed especially for parents who are looking for answers for their children in grades K-12. Perhaps you have a child who is struggling with reading. Maybe you have a teenager that hasn’t made the connection between their level of effort and their success in school. Or possibly, you have worries about the dangers that the Internet poses for your child. You need information and some ideas. We’re here to help.

The Parent U webinars are presented by experts in their fields, and will provide you with ideas and insights that will help your child succeed in school and will keep them safe. These one-hour webinars are conveniently scheduled in the evening and are delivered over the Internet. And, the webinars are recorded and stored online for two weeks so that you can view the session at a later time if you can’t participate in the live session.