Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Participating in the Census is Easy, it’s Safe, and it Counts!

Some people are unfamiliar with the Census or the fact that one will occur in 2010, and many more are unaware of the benefits a complete count offers. Census data guides critical decisions that will affect our area, from congressional representation to the location of retail stores. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services like hospitals; job training centers; schools; senior centers; bridges, tunnels and other public works projects; and emergency services. These funds support numerous programs such as Title I grants, Head Start, WIC, and services for the elderly.

For each person counted during the Census in our area, Clark County is allocated $1,032 every year for the next ten years. By completing your census questionnaire, you directly affect your community. Help Clark County receive the funds it needs by returning your form.

It’s easy. The 2010 questionnaire is one of the shortest in history, and comes very close to the length and scope of inquiries asked in 1790. For each person in the household, there are seven questions including name, gender, race, ethnicity, and whether they sometimes live somewhere else. The head of household answers three questions the residence in general. Census workers follow up if any information is incomplete or missing.

Forms were mailed March 15 and must be returned by April 1. For more information, visit www.2010census.gov. Be counted and make a difference in the future of Clark County!