Wednesday, May 5, 2010

District studies tuition-based; full-day kindergarten

Administrators in the Camas School District are gauging the parent interest level in a full-day, tuition-based kindergarten program. If adequate participation levels are reached (50 students), the program could begin as early as this fall.

While the opportunity would be afforded to all students in the district, a single full-day class would be offered at two locations: Dorothy Fox Elementary and Lacamas Heights Elementary. Transportation to and from school would be provided by parents, unless the student’s resident school is the program school where they are assigned for full-day kindergarten. For students participating in the district’s before-and-after school care program, transportation would be provided and regular rates would apply.

The tuition-based program could allow for as many as 50 students. The fee for the program would be $5,000 for the full year payable in three installments in July, November and March. If more interested parents respond than slots available, then a lottery will be held to determine placement. Equal lottery slots would be divided up among the five existing elementary attendance areas.

Parents who think they may wish to enroll in tuition-based, full-day kindergarten program can indicate their interest by completing a short form at registration or by clicking here for the online form.