Thursday, August 12, 2010

Part VII, 2010 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2010 Staff Award winners each week. In our seventh and final post, we honor the Grass Valley Maintenance and Custodial Crew.

The new Grass Valley Elementary School opened its doors on the first day of school this year. One would think that to maintain and clean a new school would be easy—but that assumption would not be correct. Although the building opened on time, the contractor still had “punch list” items and the commissioning of the heating and cooling system to complete.

The custodial team, consisting of Marilyn Reppe and Terrie Anicker, has provided contractors access to the building on nights and weekends in order to not impact teaching and learning—even when it has meant adjusting their shifts and working overtime. Terrie and Marilyn are committed to making our school look clean and sparkling, but they also are strong members of our school community. This is evident in their positive communication with staff members. It can be challenging to remind staff to wash their own dishes and prepare their rooms for cleaning, but they find light-hearted approaches to get the best out of everyone.

Bill Seekins has also gone beyond the call of duty by being the on-site link between the construction office, the operations department and the contractors. He has volunteered to work overtime on the weekend to troubleshoot the commissioning process for the heating and cooling system. He is dedicated to learning the new system and making sure it works correctly. Bill has also provided valuable input to the contractor and design engineer regarding the daily performance of the system, so that correct adjustments can be made. He is a quiet and “behind-the-scenes” person who always works efficiently, effectively, and is always willing to help!