Friday, October 29, 2010

Lacamas Fire Drill

The Washington State Legislature recently passed a law, RCW 28A.320.125, requiring school districts to participate in what is known as a Multi-Agency Fire Drill once every four years. On Tuesday, October 26, the Camas Fire Department, the Camas Police Department, and CSD Operations team conducted a fire drill that simulated the actions necessary if a structural fire at Lacamas Heights Elementary were to occur. With the help of Lacamas Staff, students were relocated to Grace Foursquare Church, which is the school’s pre-determined, off-campus evacuation site. From the church, buses picked students up at regular dismissal time and departed for the trip home as usual. Parents who regularly pick up their students were able to do so at Grace Foursquare.

Both the Camas PD and FD as well as district staff did an outstanding job ensuring the safety of our students during the drill. A big thanks goes out to the volunteers at Grace Foursquare Church who let us borrow their space and audio equipment and who also generously provided hot coffee drinks to the Lacamas staff and fire/police personnel.