Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part IV, 2011 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2011 Staff Award winners each week. In our fourth post, we honor Lisa Wilderman.

Lisa Wilderman is a consummate professional who connects with students at all levels at Skyridge Middle School. She goes the extra mile to get to know her students as learners and differentiates her instruction to meet their needs. She also gets to know them as individuals and intentionally creates a classroom environment that is safe, positive, fun, and productive. Lisa is a strong advocate for students at risk and has created special programs, such as the “Highlanders” team to support students who need extra structure and organizational support. The Highlanders program was created in response to students’ various academic needs in math and reading. Within the first year, students showed growth in both reading and math. She continues to be an advocate for all students, helping them realize their potential.

In addition to being great with kids, Lisa is always willing to do what is best for Skyridge. She has willingly taught multiple subjects at different grade levels and serves on many committees, such as the Shared Leadership Team. When she sees a need, she responds swiftly with a plan.

Lisa exemplifies excellence in collegiality and professionalism in both word and deed. Team playing is her mantra in her daily practice.