Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Part I, 2010 Staff Award Winners

Join us this summer as we spotlight our 2010 Staff Award winners each week. In our first post, we honor Dottie Chadwick.

Dottie Chadwick serves kindergarteners with Title I services at Grass Valley Elementary and has impacted many of our youngest learners at a crucial time—the beginning of their academic careers.

First and foremost, Dottie excites these youngsters! Her enthusiasm is downright contagious. She not only teaches content, but also devotes her time to encouraging students to become better people. Dottie takes the extra time it requires to explain her services to parents. These parents may be hearing their child is struggling to grasp reading for the first time, but her caring heart and optimistic demeanor immediately puts concerned parents at ease.

Dottie has designed her kindergarten support in a Reading Camp program. She meets with her “campers” daily keeping her interventions fresh, upbeat, and with the skills interwoven so discreetly, only a trained eye can see the depth of her instruction. The campers are captivated from the moment Dottie arrives with the result being that all kindergarteners want to be part of Reading Camp. Dottie takes pride in turning students on to learning and making them educationally successful—all while making it look easy.