Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camas DECA Students Impress at Nationals

Students in the DECA program at Camas High School outdid themselves at the 2011 International Career Development Conference.

Each student or student team competes against approximately 130 other students/teams in their category.  The top 20 then qualify to compete in the finals of their category.  The following students qualified for finals.

·         Chad Wiley- Business Services Marketing
·         Elijah Kent/Scott Feather-Sports and Entertainment Marketing
·         Sara Slayton/Evan Klein-Financial Literacy Promotion

From left: Keira Alkema, David Meyer, Sara Slayton,
Scott Feather, Elijah Kent, and Chad Wiley.
The 20 finalists in each category then solve another role play situation or present their project again.  At the final awards ceremony the top 10 are called up on stage.  Placing in the top 10 at the international conference were:

·         Sara Slayton/Evan Klein
·         Elijah Kent/Scott Feather

Although they were not in the finals, Keira Alkema and David Meyer were recognized because they placed in the top 6 in their competition area.

“The international conference continues to become more and more competitive as our neighbors to the north in Ontario, Canada are really becoming tough competitors,” commented DECA teacher David Johnson.  I believe this experience will stay with them forever.

History: Before 2011 International Career Development Conference (ICDC = International DECA competition), Camas DECA has had only 14 finalists, 4 of those who went on to become top 10 international winners. This year was the best Camas DECA has seen with 5 more finalists and 4 of those becoming top 10 international winners. So, now Camas has 19 finalists and 8 top 10 winners.