Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CSD names new Deputy Superintendent

Jeff Snell
The Camas School District Board of Directors has approved the hiring of Jeff Snell as its new Deputy Superintendent of Technology and Education Services. He will join the district July 1 after wrapping up his current assignment as Principal of Fort Vancouver High School in the Vancouver School District. 

Snell replaces Tanis Knight, who retired last year. He was selected from a highly qualified pool of applicants and greatly impressed interview teams with his interpersonal skills, knowledge, professionalism and demonstrated commitment to student success. "We feel so fortunate to have such an incredibly competent, high quality individual to fill this role," said Superintendent Mike Nerland. "I am confident Jeff will be a great leader in helping us continually improve student achievement in Camas," he added. Nerland also praised Snell's expertise in the area of instructional technology and utilizing data to make decisions. "His knowledge in that area will provide huge benefits in meeting the educational needs of each individual student in the district," said Nerland. 

Snell is quite familiar with the caliber of education that has long been a common standard in Camas. Two of his three young children attend Prune Hill Elementary. "I'm excited about the opportunity to join a system that I'm already familiar with as a parent," said Snell. 
But one of the characteristics that most appeals to Snell is the small-district feel where everyone knows each other. "The district has a real collaborative feel to it. It's all about working together to do what's best for students," he said. 

When asked how he feels about following the 25-year legacy of Knight, he replied: "I can't fill Tanis' shoes, but I can bring many strengths to the job that will help the district make continuous improvements." Snell believes his role as principal of a large, diverse high school has prepared him well to work effectively with teachers, problem-solve tough challenges and make measurable academic strides. "I'm just thrilled to have the opportunity to help facilitate that effort," he added. 

Snell is also an Adjunct Professor in Concordia University's School of Education. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Boston University and his Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Washington State University. Most recently, he was named the 2011 Southwest Washington Principal of the Year.